School Uniform

Red, black and white.

School colours and official uniform
  • The school colours are red, white and black. We require all students to wear school colours or the official school uniform, particularly at public events such as excursions, performances, sporting events and any functions where the students participate in a representative capacity.
  • Parents are responsible for making sure that their children are appropriately attired as per the policy. Where this is a problem, they need to discuss it with the principal.
  • Clothing is not to display logos or graphics.
  • In keeping with the school’s ‘Sun Smart Policy, all clothing must be sun safe, (e.g. no bare shoulders or midriff). On casual days, sun safe clothing must also be worn.
  • Legionnaire, bucket or broad brimmed hats must be worn for outside activities from September to April. Caps do not provide adequate protection.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Thongs, slip-ons or crocs are not appropriate.
  • Jewellery should be discreet and limited to ear rings (sleepers or studs), watch and medic alert bracelet.
  • Shorts must be at least to mid-thigh in length.
  • No makeup is to be worn.
  • No see through (sheer) stockings.
We recommend the following articles to be worn by students:
  • Red, black or white short sleeved collared polo shirt.
  • Red, black or white crew neck (not scoop or low neck) T-shirt.
  • Red, black or white long sleeved polo shirt or skivvy.
  • Black, red or grey shorts / skirt (These must be a minimum length of mid-thigh).
  • Black, red or grey pants.
  • Red, black or white windcheater / rugby top / cardigan / jumper / zip jacket.
  • Red and white summer dress.
  • Student designed Year 7 top (new design each year).