Upper Primary

Years 3 to 6

The Upper Primary Class caters for Year 3 to 6 students. We offer a wide range of subjects within the school curriculum, giving students a diverse and holistic education which prepares them for the demands of secondary schooling and life away from school.

Learning is enhanced by our small numbers and multi-age classrooms, which enable teachers to tailor their teaching to each child’s individual needs and for children to learn from each other through student-led inquiry based learning. Small numbers lead to greater leadership opportunities for all the children in the class. It is no surprise to us that current study by John Hattie shows that small classes and multi-age classrooms are both effective ways of optimising a child’s learning and helping them get the most from their schooling.

For many years, Scott Creek Primary has understood and promoted the benefits of an education embedded in the natural environment and its positive effect on children’s mental and physical health. Teachers make the most of our enviable surrounds to teach about nature and conservation. Our lengthy experience in providing a nature-based education means that it is truly integrated into the curriculum and our experienced teachers know how to make the most of these learning opportunities.